Don't Just Level The Playing
Field . . . Get a Distinct and
Overwhelming Advantage!

(The difference between success and failure is often determined by the methods deployed, not in the plan itself!)

t is often said that your money is in the list, but we believe your money is in the quality of the list you develop.

Building quality, niche lists is what the List Virus is all about.

The List Virus 2.0

Dominate Your Niche, Explode Your List
And Jack Up Your Personal Income With The
Power Of The List Virus

Twitter module to allow subscribers to Follow you and tweet a message for you. Coming soon! (approx. 6/1/2009)
Automatically handles all the “behind-the-scenes” efforts needed to create a viral promotion. You just plug in how you want to compensate your “marketing partners” (free report, money, coupon) and The List Virus 2.0 walks all your new subscribers through the necessary steps.
Dramatically increases your confirmed leads with secret tool that practically forces your subscribers to become double opt-in confirmed.
Includes an 'easy to use iframe system' so subscribers never have to leave you site to join your list. ( See Demo video)
Allows you to build a list while "Sell Others Peoples Stuff!"
Allows you to build a list of 'buyers' while letting your affiliates earn 75-100% commission on the sales of your products.
Includes built-in full-featured autoresponder system. The most advanced features available. Automatically follow up with those who join your list. This autoresponder sells for $21.95 per month, but is included in The List Virus.
Allows you to automatically add your new subscribers to virtually any 'other' autoresponder system you are currently using!
Lets YOU choose the compensation for your marketing partners (money, coupon, report, software… anything else you want)
Allows you to present Cost-Per-Action offers to your subscribers… which enables you to actually PROFIT while building a list!
Includes built-in fraud protection and protects you from people submitting multiple email addresses from the same IP (ensures true “viral” spreading of your offers)
Allows you to run three separate campaigns at one time
Increases opt-in rates by harnessing the trust factor among friends, co-workers and family members
Lets you legally and ethically steal names from other peoples list (since some list owners will gladly broadcast your message to their own lists in order to collect your marketing partner reward)
Private Label version of The List Virus software, that runs on your domain name, available to paid members as an upgrade option. Brand your business with this powerful option!
All for just $47.00 a month!

ALERT: We are so sure you can build a powerful list using The List Virus, that we are going to give you the first month at only $1.00 (For a limited only!)

That gives you a full 30 days to use the List Virus system to build a list and then make some sales to that list.

Week 1 : Setup List Virus campaign and launch.
Week 2 : Watch viral list building at its best.
Week 3 : Find affiliate product to offer list.
Week 4 : Send email to new list and make commissions over $100

You can easily make over $50 in affiliate commissions to even a small targeted list. With a big list will come even more commissions.

If you are ready to explode your list building ability, then signup today!

I’m Ready To Unleash “The List Virus”

To your success,

Scott “Nada Guru” Boulch






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